Exclusive supplier

If you are sponsoring a large event where a lot of people are attending there are many advantages that you can offer to sponsor of the event.  For example, say you are holding a Blues festival where thousands of people will be attending.  You can approach a large company like Coca Cola and tell them in your corporate sponsorship request that if they agree to give you x amount of dollars, they can be the official supplier of soft drinks at the festival.  At a certain level of corporate sponsorship, they will also be the exclusive supplier of soft drinks, you will put banners of their products up throughout the event.  If they want they can also provide cuts with their advertising on it, which will be used at all food stands.

This gives them exclusivity and guarantees that no other vendor who is either not sponsoring the event or who is sponsoring event can provide their soft drinks at the event.  Now such a corporate sponsorship request will come at a price but it is a great deal for both of you.

Tips on approaching a sponsor

So you have made a letter and a presentation already for potential sponsors. The next thing that you need to do is to actually approach these individuals and present to them your offer. This is easier said than done though. Many people are shy about approaching heads of businesses. This is due to several reasons. First is the fear of failure or of being rejected. No one wants to be rejected, of course. Next, some people think that asking for sponsorship is akin to begging. If you are having a hard time approaching potential sponsors, then you must first analyze where the difficulty is coming from in order to solve it.

First of all, let us discuss the fear of rejection and how to conquer it. One of the things that you can do is to fail as early as possible. Yes, you heard me right. This is the reason why you need to contact the most difficult person first. Of course, you should not expect failure or rejection. But you need to prepare for it and welcome it even. Accept the fact that rejection is part of the process of getting sponsors. Once you are able to accept this fact, then the prospect rejection will no longer have great power over you.

Of course, you should not fail without gaining some valuable lessons. After each rejection, you should analyze where you failed and the possible reasons why you got rejected. Then the next time you approach a potential sponsor, you must apply what you have learned already. Remember, never be afraid of making mistakes and of being rejected. And when you do, do no waste the valuable opportunity to learn.

Next, will try to fix your shyness. One of the reasons why people are shy about approaching potential sponsors is because they feel like they are begging for money. This is simply not true. You are actually not asking for a donation. By asking for sponsorship, you are actually offering something and return and that is the opportunity for the company to advertise their product and reach their target market in a very cost effective manner. What you have actually is a business proposal. You have something that can help the company expand their businesses and this should give you some leverage when negotiating. Sure you are asking for help but you are also offering something in return.

Make no mistake about it. Companies are always on the lookout for sponsorship opportunities. They know the potential it brings and how cost effective it is as a promotional effort. They know that through sponsorship they have a better chance of getting loyal customers. It is also a good opportunity for them to have some positive public relations within the community. The public will see them as a generous company that is willing to help and support good causes.

When it comes to approaching potential sponsors, it is all just a matter of changing your perspective about things. Once you see yourself as someone with something valuable to offer then you will be able to conquer your shyness.

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